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Aquaman and Amethyst

Posted on: April 1, 2016

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

For my first A to Z Blog Challenge, I’m stitching two alphabet patterns from weelittlestitches and fangirl stitches.

A is for Aquaman


Aquaman is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

What can I say about Aquaman, the mockery of the justice league? He’s been a subject of debate in my home since I was a child and I was first introduced to the world of DC comic book characters on Saturday morning cartoons.

My mother is a devoted fan of the Atlantean/Atlantian. She loves Aquaman, and becomes fiercely irritated when my father makes mockery of the character (I myself have mocked him in the past with my own impersonation of his vocal telepathy with creatures under the sea).

However, I’ve found over the years that I like Aquaman – he’s powerful, sometimes dangerous, and he’s loyal, leading his people and helping his friends.

Most of my knowledge of Aquaman and my exposure to his character have been from the portrayal of Arthur Curry in animation (television and film).

His viking-esque appearance on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited with long flowing locks and a hook for a hand. That Aquaman was a cross between Conan the Barbarian and a pirate. He cared little for the surface dwellers, and he was utterly devoted to his people.

On Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Aquaman was a boisterous adventurer with a “larger-than-life” persona highlighted by his outlandish exploits which he named with outrageous titles.


“Outrageous!” – his go-to phrase throughout his appearances

In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, we experience the origin story of Arthur Curry learning about his Atlantean heritage and defeating the manipulative Black Manta and disarming his half-brother Orm. He starts with no idea that he is half-Atlantean/Atlantian after the death of his father, but he soon learns the truth of his origin and the role he shall play as the king – after an assassination attempt, a royal coup, and a battle between the surface dwellers and Atlanteans/Atlantians.

He briefly makes an appearance in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, fighting off Superwoman from an alternate earth on the justice league command satellite.


Do you like fish sticks? How dare you!


A is for Amethyst


Amethyst is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

I knew nothing about Amethyst when I started stitching her except her name.

The princess of Gemworld – Amethyst – is a teenage girl named Amy Winston who learns that she is an orphaned princess of the previously named magical world.

Amethyst seems similar to the magical girl genre in anime and manga, especially with Amy Winston discovering her magical powers and changing into an older form when she travels to Gemworld (due to time moving at a different rate in Gemworld).

She debuted on television as a series of shorts on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation block titled Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.


4 Responses to "Aquaman and Amethyst"

Love Love!! My girlfriend loves Aquaman too, she has all of his comics…I personally don’t get him..but hey…I can’t wait to read more!! I never heard of Amethyst…is it still on? Reminded me of Sailor Moon….

All of the DC Nation shorts of Amethyst are on the DC Entertainment channel. Sadly, the DC Nation shorts are no longer – no more DC Nation block either.

It totally reminded me of Sailor Moon too, and several other magical girl anime that I’ve watched in the past.

I think I’m going to love this list. Never got into Amythist much, despite there being a thin connection to Mysa of the Legion of Super Heroes.
I too was never much into Aquaman, but loved him on the brave and the bold. My favourite scene is when he is forced to stop adventuring and go on a family vacation. But super hero fights are breaking out all around him. Then when Ant-Man is engaged in a battle and hits the Winnebago windscreen, aqua-man sighs and turns the wipers, brushing ant-man away. I laughed so hard.
Wishing you the best in your AtoZ April. I’ll be back. 🙂

Thanks! I loved Aquaman on The Brave and the Bold – I actually took a screenshot from an episode and used it for my mom’s computer background. She was super happy about it!

That particular episode was great! I love that he titled all of the mini adventures during that episode too.

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