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A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

C is for Cyclops


Cyclops is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

He’s the leader of the X-Men, it’s Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, ladies and gents.

Another character and comic book universe introduced to me via animation, and this time around it’s Marvel.

Seriously though, Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men rocked on the 90s animated series.

Honestly, Cyclops is not my favorite X-Men, but I certainly don’t despise him – he’s a prominent member of the team. He’s a founding member of the X-Men, and sometimes he brings to mind the boy scout archetype – the “good” guy.

However, Cyclops is not all unicorns and rainbows. His mutation is out of his control, unable to look at the world without those ruby-quartz lenses holding back all of that raw energy.

Cyclops certainly brings the X-Men to mind whenever his name is dropped.


C is for Catwoman


Catwoman is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

Where do I even begin? Simple… I love Catwoman!

Batman Returns (1992) – Do I really need to say any more! Okay…

Batman: The Animated Series… Still not enough? I guess I’m going to have to drop some personal truth bombs about my utter love for Catwoman. Watch as I fangirl all over this post.



She was just everything to me as a little girl. I dressed up as Catwoman for Halloween when I was in kindergarten for crying out loud. No ma, I do not want to be some prissy princess – I want to be Catwoman!


Don’t make me claw your eyes out!

She really was the embodiment of who I wanted to be: independent, sexy, powerful, intelligent, witty, beautiful. Yes, she’s a thief, but she’s more antiheroine than villain – so I obviously chose an amazingly powerful female pop culture icon to look up to as a child.


No kitten puns needed.

She worked every angle to reach her goals, manipulating and bribing those who could help her achieve success. She’s a thief, and sometimes being a thief requires the “paws” to get a tad bit dirty. She’s a survivor and a realist. She’s the cat’s meow (damn me and my love of puns)!


Look at those ears… adorable!

Catwoman has appeared alongside her Batsy through several animated incarnations, including The Batman and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. She even appeared in a short animated film simply titled Catwoman.

I was obviously introduced to the Cat through Batman: The Animated Series, meeting Selina Kyle alongside her cat Isis. Around that time, a little film by the name of Batman Returns was released and Michelle Pfeiffer became a little bit my hero too(sidebar – the 90s was a great decade to grow up during).


No. What can you do for me, Penguin?

Catwoman and Batman go hand in hand more often than not in films and television shows. Without Batman, Catwoman would not be here, but she stands and lands on her own two feet without his assistance. A cat’s got nine lives and all…


Whip it!

Catwoman was given little backstory in The Batman, appearing only once as Selina Kyle during her episodic debut. Catwoman tells the tale of her attempt to bring down a Gotham City crime boss.

She appears in multiple episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, rocking her character design from the 1950s through mid-1960s – the long sleeved purple dress with matching headdress and cat-ears.


Who could resist? I certainly couldn’t.

Now, I could talk about the complex love-hate relationship between her and the Bat, about the lasting romantic entanglement between them, but my love for Catwoman has little to do with Batman – except for the simple fact that she was spawned in the DC universe to discombobulate the Bat (I love them both, but not because of the other or vice versa).


Let’s see how you feel with my fist in your face.

I could blog about the Cat more, but I’ll let this post end – I do have a few more days left with this challenge. I shall simply leave you with a screenshot montage of the one, the only Catwoman!


Hyenas are more feline than canine.



Nananananana… Damn that theme song!



Rough night…






Watch it, little Bat!

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