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Martian Manhunter and Mary Marvel

Posted on: April 15, 2016

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

M is for Martian Manhunter


Martian Manhunter is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

He’s one of the seven original members of the Justice League.

Martian Manhunter is a member of the Green Martian race with a wide variety of abilities, such as superhuman strength, durability, flight, regeneration, shape-shifting, intangibility, invisibility, telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory input, and optic blasts.


Thumbs up!

I was first introduced to Martian Manhunter on the animated series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. His shape-shifting abilities were always interesting to me – adopting human or monstrous form, even altering the chemical composition of his body.

He was much more conservative compared to the rest of the League members – soft-spoken and gentle coupled with his love for cookies, Oreos specifically. He’s a powerful member of the League, and his abilities are similar to Superman’s powers.


I can fly… I can fly… I can fly…

He’s very serious and no nonsense in several of his incarnations, but Martian Manhunter is extremely campy in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Can I just say that Batman: The Brave and the Bold and its never-ending campy feel is just so amazing – it so should have run at least a season more!


Say WHAT?!?

Martain Manhunter also appears in The Batman animated series and the Young Justice TV series. He appears in several direct-to-video DC original animated films, including Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and Justice League: Doom.

Recently, the character has appeared on CBS’s Supergirl under the guise of Hank Henshaw.


M is for Mary Marvel


Mary Marvel is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

I knew of Mary Marvel, specifically her outfit, before I stitched her because I know a little about Shazam. Mary Marvel is a part of the Marvel family or rather the Shazam family.

She is the alter ego of teenager Mary Batson, twin sister of Shazam/Captain Marvel’s alter ego, Billy Batson. Like her brother, she’s been granted the power of the wizard Shazam and has to simply speak the wizard’s name to transform into the superpowered Mary Marvel.

Mary Marvel (as Mary Batson) appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode “The Power of Shazam!” She returns in “The Malicious Mr. Mind” with the ability to transform into Mary Marvel.

3 Responses to "Martian Manhunter and Mary Marvel"

I saw the preview that Martian Manhunter was in Supergirl. I’m really looking forward to the series, but I have yet to see it. I’ll wait till I find it on DVD.
Didn’t the Marvel family used to be owned by someone else? Either DC bought them, or the other brand was an off-shoot of DC. I can never remember.

As the designer of the second pattern, I am VERY excited to have found your blog! Awesome stitching, and I love the stories you are giving for the characters. Looking forward to watching you stitch up the rest. 🙂

Fangirl Stitches cross stitching A-Z
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Thanks! I’ve been checking out your stitching for the challenge – I was SO super pumped when you announced the Supernatural alphabet. I am definitely going to be purchasing that one sooner rather than later!

It’s been totally fun finding out about the characters that I knew nothing about… and revisiting with the ones I’ve known for quite some time.

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