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Call The Doctor!

Posted on: March 20, 2017


Another year brings another Blogging from A to Z Challenge this upcoming month.

And… the theme for this year’s challenge here at Nerdy Girl Confession is DOCTOR WHO!

Not only am I stitching a Doctor Who-themed alphabet for the month – thank you once again to fangirl stitches who just keeps my wish list ever so full with more patterns – but the latest series of Doctor Who premieres this coming April!

I’ve stitched a little bit of Doctor Who before, but this alphabet will consist of quotes from the newer episodes.

No doubt I’ll be binge-watching some episodes of the Doctor while stitching this wordy alphabet. Here’s the teaser trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who to get you even more pumped!


2 Responses to "Call The Doctor!"

OH MY GOD I’m so glad you popped by my blog so I could follow you back — this is the COOLEST AtoZ I’ve heard of yet! I’m so excited to see these (and to check out Fangirl Stitches too, even tho I haven’t picked up a needle in years) — ALLONS-Y! 😀
Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons Blog | AtoZ 2017 – Dragons in Our Fandoms

I found yours by chance today, and I am so glad! I really love dragons, and I have been sporadically looking for some interesting dragon xstitching projects to be honest.

And you definitely need to check out Fangirl Stitches – she has some awesome nerdy patterns. I actually stitched another one of her alphabets for my first AtoZ challenge.

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