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C is for it’s just so Cool

Posted on: April 4, 2017

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

C is for “it’s just so Cool”


“it’s just so Cool” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

The eleventh doctor is too cool for school! Everything is cool to him – bow ties, fezzes, stetsons, even bunk beds.


Bread on butter… NOT cool!

However, the eleventh doctor has mentioned that monks are not cool, but I am quite certain he was speaking more about their wardrobe than anything else.

The eleventh incarnation of the Doctor is definitely a self-proclaimed fashion aficionado – in his mind at least.


Fish fingers and custard… definitely COOL!

He’s a bit more hip (more spastic), young and fresh with this regeneration – with his bow ties and his floppy hair – and everything is cool… cool, cool, cool (sorry, wrong fandom).

Most of his fashion accessories are shot into pieces by the lovely River Song – shooting fezzes from the air and shooting stetsons off his head – but he definitely makes them cool!

Alongside his cool meter, the Doctor (at least his eleventh incarnation) has a very strange palate for food – I’m looking at you fish fingers and custard! But somehow, he makes those cool too.


4 Responses to "C is for it’s just so Cool"

Love the 11th Doctor and I love River, was not sure about 12 meeting River but it worked and was a fitting finale to the TV River appearances

Now, I love Eleven… but I had to warm up to River Song. I enjoyed her first appearance in “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead,” but I kind of lost my enjoyment when it came to her character as she came back over and over again.

I learned to love River Song through rewatching the series and learning about her origins.

Out of the New Who Doctors, Eleven is third on my list (it goes 10, 9, 11, 12) but his relationship with River Song is one of his most redeeming qualities. And bowties are pretty cool. 😉
Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons Blog | AtoZ 2017 – Dragons in Our Fandoms

I adore the chemistry between Eleven and River!

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