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F is for Fantastic

Posted on: April 7, 2017

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

F is for “Fantastic


“Fantastic” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is the first recurring phrase from the “new” Who. Nine says this line in the first episode of the series, and he says it in his last appearance before regenerating.

All incarnations of the Doctor in the “new” Who have several recurring phrases, but the ninth incarnation only has this single catchphrase.


And so was I

If Nine had only been in more than a single season, then he would likely have had a bit more than this singular one-word phrase.

But he was “fantastic”! I cannot stop myself from saying once more that Nine is “my” Doctor, and I’ll never let anyone who discusses Doctor Who with me forget it.

I know there is a helluva lot of love for Ten, and I can freely admit that Tennant was astounding, but I just can’t forget about Nine. The ninth incarnation being overlooked during scheduled Doctor Who marathons is just wrong to me.

Ten has several well-known catchphrases himself, including allons-y and oh, yes. The twelfth incarnation has his abrupt declaration of shut up!

And we all know that Eleven believes that bow ties are cool. Another well-known recurring phrase is tomorrow’s post, and I’m sure you can all guess that catchphrase.


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Your first Doctor will always be your Doctor, no matter how much you may love those who come after, my Doctor was the fourth, the delightful Tom Baker

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