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A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

J is for “not bad for a man in his Jim-Jams


“not bad for a man in his Jim-Jams” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This line is from the first full-episode appearance of the tenth incarnation of the Doctor. The episode “The Christmas Invasion” was also the first specifically produced Doctor Who Christmas special in the program’s history.


Sleepy time

Funnily enough, the Doctor is unconscious through the majority of the episode.

He wakes up periodically to save Rose, Mickey, and Jackie.

And he is revived just in time to defend the Earth once more – but as the line mentions he does that in his “jim-jams.”

Rose’s reaction to the Doctor’s regeneration is so real to me. For any fan that began with the “new” Who, this was our first regeneration and her reaction is similar to several fans’ reactions to this and other regeneration.

It’s a lottery. We don’t know who this Doctor is, and he fundamentally stays the same yet he’s never the same – physically, mentally, behaviorally. We could love him or hate him – this “new” Doctor who we’re meeting for the first time.

I usually approach every regeneration with an open mind – the Doctor changes and that simple fact will never change. I really believe that regeneration is why Doctor Who has lasted over decades compared to other science-fiction television shows.

Bringing “new” blood every few years, Doctor Who changes Doctors and companions for the longevity of the show. And it really causes the show to evolve over time (and space).


Told ya it was a fightin’ hand!

But let’s return to the events of “The Christmas Invasion” and the Doctor’s “jim-jams.”

He actually performs a duel in his pajamas, which is funny and swashbuckling.

The tenth incarnation is definitely a man with a bit of a hero complex, but his first romp in saving the Earth is performed with style.

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