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A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

O is for “the Only water in the forest is the river”


“the Only water in the forest is the river” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This quote is from the episode “A Good Man Goes to War” from the sixth series. They’re subtle words, but they turn out to be what reveals the true identity of River Song.


I’m in your robes, not being headless

The events of the episode really show how far the Doctor would go when someone he deeply cares about suffers so greatly that their lives are forever changed.

The severity of his anger and the raising of an army to his cause truly shows just how frightening the Doctor can be.

The Doctor travels to Demon’s Run to rescue Amy Pond and her baby from the clutches of Madame Kovarian, the malevolent eye-patch lady. Three allies that the Doctor gathers together to fight later become known as the Paternoster Gang: Madame Vastar, her lover Jenny Flint, and Strax.



But what truly reveals the identity of River Song is a small unassuming gift from an inhabitant of the Gamma Forests and a cleric from the Church.

Amy and Rory find out what happened to their daughter by learning that there is no word for “Pond” in the Gamma Forests.

Spoilers – River Song is Melody Pond! This episode really was a turning point for me when it comes to my feelings about River Song.


Surprise! It’s a girl

After learning this and watching the series again, I really started to love the character and her backstory.

For the longest time, I was not in the River Song fan club, but looking at her character and her development after learning the truth – she is so sweet! She’s a Pond, and I love the Ponds!

She’s Melody Pond. She’s a human with Time Lord DNA conceived in the Time Vortex abroad the Tardis. Yes, the Doctor finds the Ponds’ daughter, but certainly not in the manner that Amy and Rory envision. Because time can be rewritten, but certainly not this – never this.

This episode was truly gut-wrenching for both Amy and Rory – finding each other, finding their child, and losing that child. It was an emotional roller coaster that we don’t even see the resulting aftermath until its conclusion in “Let’s Kill Hitler.”


Say, what now?!?

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