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W is for wibbley Wobbley timey wimey

Posted on: April 27, 2017

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

W is for “wibbley Wobbley timey wimey”


“wibbley Wobbley timey wimey” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This line is another quote from the fabulous episode “Blink.” The Doctor is describing time to Sally Sparrow as he communicates through movies that she owns.


Time – it’s a big ball of stuff

These words are actually describing stuff or what time is made of. It’s a really great part of the dialogue that is directed at the non-companion Sally Sparrow.

I cannot keep from talking about this particular episode – it is just that good! And we Whovians always mention it when speaking to non-Who fans that are thinking of joining the ranks of this particular fandom.

The phrase “timey wimey” is mentioned in the 50th anniversary special, which sets the war doctor off on another lecture about his impending mid-life crisis – Time Lord style.


They’re sonic screwdrivers… for God’s sake!


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