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Y is for You are not alone

Posted on: April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

Y is for “You are not alone”


“You are not alone” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is the message from the Face of Boe. These were his final words to the tenth Doctor before his death.

This quote is from the episode “Gridlock” where the Doctor takes Martha Jones to New Earth.


Sonic in the face!

What I love about this episode (other than the big reveal of the Face’s words) is that Martha really confronts the Doctor for the first time.

She’d met him (her first adventure) and the two had traveled to the past and met William Shakespeare (her second adventure), and she’d heard his comments about Rose, but she hadn’t said anything.

She won’t be a “rebound companion,” which is what I feel she’s usually thought of by those who really loved Rose and hated to see her go. She’s her own person, and she won’t have the Doctor take her on “recycled” trips through time and space to relive his “glory” days with Rose.


Possible kidnapping needs to be the #1 warning to becoming a companion

Yes, Martha finds the Doctor attractive (and come on, mixed signals with the kiss when dealing with the Judoon), but she really wants to know him – his story and his motivations.

She actually refuses to move until the Doctor tells her the truth – what the Face of Boe meant by his seemingly cryptic words.


He’s dying…

Later, these words are referenced when Martha and the Doctor travel to the end of the universe in an attempt throw Captain Jack Harkness.

The Doctor and his companions meet Professor Yana – Yana as in an acronym for “you are not alone.” Professor Yana is actually the Master, who used the same technology (a watch) to contain his Time Lord essence and memories rendering him seemingly human.

This quote ends up being ultimately bittersweet for the Doctor because it is the Master, his oldest friend and enemy, who is the only other Time Lord to have survived the Great Time War.

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