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A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

K is for “K-9


“K-9” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

K-9 was introduced in “new” Who in the second series in “School Reunion.” K9 is the designation given to a series of intelligent, dog-like robots who served as companions.


He’s so disco

The specific K-9 referenced in this post is K-9 Mark III – a third model that was shipped to Sarah Jane Smith at her “current” residence during her companionship with the Third and Fourth Doctors.

In “School Reunion,” K-9 was reactivated by the tenth Doctor when Sarah Jane meets the Doctor once again while investigating the same school. However, the robot canine battled the Krillitanes, blowing himself up to defeat them.

Initially, K-9 was sent to Sarah Jane for a spin-off titled K9 and Company, but the BBC chose not to produce a new series. However, the pilot was aired as a holiday season special.

“School Reunion” really connected the “classic” and the “new” Who for me as a viewer – bringing back such a fan-favorite companion and reintroducing the robot dog to the new travelers with the Doctor.

I love the interaction between Rose and Sarah Jane in this episode – arguing while referencing past adventures, including the Loch-Ness Monster and the Dalek Emperor.

Rose never even heard of Sarah Jane before meeting her, and Sarah Jane can’t help but mention Rose’s age. However, the two companions find common ground while describing the Doctor and his love affair with the Tardis.


It’s like looking in a mirror

Another great moment in “School Reunion” is Mickey Smith realizing he’s the equivalent to the “tin dog” because of his secondary nature as a companion.

That realization inspires Mickey to travel with the Doctor rather than to continue acting as tech support for the Doctor when he saves the Earth in the present.

The episode ends with K-9 being rebuilt as K-9 Mark IV for a heartbroken Sarah Jane. Inevitably, Sarah Jane and K-9 decide to deal with the growing alien conundrum in The Sarah Jane Adventures, another spin-off series of Doctor Who.


Good boy!

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