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“Run for your life.”

Hello sweetie, I did it! I made it through another A to Z Challenge – I was worried about it when it came to the actual blogging, but I sometimes wrote in advance and maneuvered around my work schedule.

For those who haven’t been stopping by this past month at my nerdy lil corner of the internet, I decided to stitch some quotes from Doctor Who, specifically fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

Unlike last year, I only stitched a single alphabet for the challenge. It was extremely intense last year being my first attempt and I decided to be a bit less ambitious with the stitching for this second participation.


“Sorry, that’s The Lion King…”

Sharing each quote to represent the letter of the day, I not only stitched the corresponding words – I shared some of my personal thoughts and knowledge about the character who spoke it and the episode when it was mentioned.

While I shared my thoughts and stitching, I was rewatching Doctor Who for the umpteenth time, and I actually started watching the new episodes that premiered this April.

If you haven’t read through the challenge posts, then you may not know the facts about my interest in Doctor Who – so here are the basics:

  • Nine is my Doctor! Never start a marathon without watching the first series of the “new” Who. It’s fantastic!
  • Martha Jones is my favorite companion of Ten! She was not a “rebound” companion; she stood fierce and strong and walked the Earth to spread the word, the idea of the Doctor.
  • River Song grew on me like a fungus, but not! I didn’t particularly care for her in the beginning, but learning the truth about her made me love the sassy know-it-all!
  • Captain Jack Harkness and Torchwood are the main reasons behind me even watching the Doctor! I was really interested in the spin-off, which caused me to start watching the series… and I never looked back.
  • The Ponds are the best power couple! The last centurion and the girl who waited are simply amazing together – and I admit wholeheartedly that I cried when they left, but they chose each other. And I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry, but one couldn’t stay with the Doctor without the other.
  • And… are you my mummy?

“Am I people? Do I even look like people?”

Spoilers! I am going to miss Peter Capaldi’s Doctor so much – I loved him from the beginning, but I’ve been a fan of his since watching The Thick of It and his several cameos in Doctor Who and Torchwood.

However, I am open for the next regeneration – I’m always ready for the next Doctor as long as the series continues to RUN!

For me, this challenge had different difficulties compared to last year’s SUPER challenge.


“Oh, the pointing again! They’re screwdrivers! What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?”

I will be completely honest – I waited til the last minute to decide to even participate in this year’s challenge.

I had so many ideas for the challenge after last year’s intense yet fun filled month of superheroes, but I simply put everything on the back burner.

I had no problem stitching the actual alphabet, which I finished before the month was half way through. It was the process of essentially rewatching specific episodes to edit screenshots that took a good chunk of time.

I also took the time to write posts in advance when given the opportunity to work around my third-shift schedule. It was certainly less intense compared to last year, but the challenge always has its moments of suspense when it comes to time management.


“Laser screwdriver. Who’d have sonic?”

Again, I made the mistake of waiting too long to decide whether or not to participate – I had so many possible topics last year, and I’ve had so many more ideas since participating in this year’s challenge.

I’ll definitely be taking another hiatus from the blog, but I was only gone for a year (give or take a few weeks) so that’s a plus! Don’t blink!

Through the challenge, I met some amazing bloggers. I checked out far more blogs than last year, which was something of an achievement for me – I’ve definitely added some more blogs to my reader!


“I don’t care!”

Will I do the challenge next year? I’m not sure.

Not that I don’t love the challenge because it really brings out the hardcore fangirl crafter from within, but after last year’s first experience I simply put my ideas on the subject of the challenge in the back of my mind. Who’s to say that I don’t turn around and do the exact same thing this year? Not that this challenge was poorly executed or unfinished, but I had such enthusiasm and passion that was diverted to other projects throughout the year.

So… unlike last year there is no concrete decision on next year’s challenge, but I will say that it will be in my thoughts, swimming in my brain waiting to strike when inspiration arises.

Come along, Nerdy Girl!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

R is for “Run


“Run” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is the first word that the Doctor utters in the first series of the “new” Who.

Running – so much running – is central to the Doctor. He runs from trouble; he runs towards danger; he runs from his companions; he runs towards his enemies.


Running… it’s the best!

The Doctor is always running. He runs to save the world, and he runs to see the universe.

All of time and space, the Doctor simply runs.

Being a companion of the Doctor requires some serious cardio workout in preparation for the role – I’m just sayin’!

The Doctor is like a shark – if he stops moving, then he will simply end. I don’t think the Doctor will ever stop running, but if he ever did that would be the end of Doctor Who.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

M is for “are you my Mummy?”


“are you my Mummy?” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.


Are you my mummy?

This line is probably one of the most popular lines from “new” Who – which is probably the reason behind its inclusion on this particular alphabet.

It’s first introduced in the episode “The Empty Child” with the ninth Doctor and Rose chasing a metallic object straight into the London Blitz.

As mentioned in a previous letter, we are introduced to the dashing Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness, when he saves Rose. And the Doctor finds a group of homeless children who are being terrorized by Jamie, an “empty” child wearing a gas mask.


Well, are you?!?

I’ve actually stitched the pixel people version of the empty child – it was on a onesie for her little girl with this line stitched beneath the image.

If you interested in stitching that particular design of the empty child or some of the other villains, monsters, and aliens from Doctor Who, click here.

The line has also been referenced by the tenth and twelfth incarnations of the Doctor. Ten asks the question when given a gas mask to wear, and Twelve asks it quickly while encountering a mummy-like Foretold.

I love when the Doctor makes fun of himself and references previous adventures. Sometimes, I swear the Doctor is his biggest fan – he’s just nerding out about his previous incarnations. He’s just too clever for himself!


A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

F is for “Fantastic


“Fantastic” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is the first recurring phrase from the “new” Who. Nine says this line in the first episode of the series, and he says it in his last appearance before regenerating.

All incarnations of the Doctor in the “new” Who have several recurring phrases, but the ninth incarnation only has this single catchphrase.


And so was I

If Nine had only been in more than a single season, then he would likely have had a bit more than this singular one-word phrase.

But he was “fantastic”! I cannot stop myself from saying once more that Nine is “my” Doctor, and I’ll never let anyone who discusses Doctor Who with me forget it.

I know there is a helluva lot of love for Ten, and I can freely admit that Tennant was astounding, but I just can’t forget about Nine. The ninth incarnation being overlooked during scheduled Doctor Who marathons is just wrong to me.

Ten has several well-known catchphrases himself, including allons-y and oh, yes. The twelfth incarnation has his abrupt declaration of shut up!

And we all know that Eleven believes that bow ties are cool. Another well-known recurring phrase is tomorrow’s post, and I’m sure you can all guess that catchphrase.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

E is for “just this once Everybody lives”


“just this once Everybody lives” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is one of lines delivered by “my” Doctor – you know what I’m talking about when I mention that phrase. Everybody has “their” Doctor, whether it’s classic Who or “new” Who, everyone has that Doctor that reeled them in.


Remember me! Forget about Tennant for just a sec!

Personally, Nine (or the ninth incarnation) was that Doctor for me. He’s the one that introduced me to all of time and space – to the Tardis, to his companions, to his sonic screwdriver.

I never forget about Nine when I re-watch Doctor Who, even though so many marathons on television forego the ninth incarnation.

This line is from another two-part story, concluding the narrative in the episode “The Doctor Dances.” The preceding episode entitled “The Empty Child” will be showcased in a later post with another quote from Doctor Who, but we’re still going to gush about how awesome this story is.


I adore you John Barrowman.

Not only do we see the Doctor dance, we meet the incorrigible Captain Jack Harkness in this lovely two-part storyline.

He’s a devilish rogue who sweeps Rose right off her feet, but she was falling so not much effort needed on his part.

He’s a time traveller from the 51st century, and though his charms work immediately on Rose, Jack is nothing more than a con man until he meets the Doctor.

To be honest, the real reason I started watching Doctor Who was to learn the backstory behind Captain Jack Harkness so that I could fully appreciate him on Torchwood. But that strange little reason brought me into a fandom that I love and that I continue to enjoy to this day!


Shall we dance?

The sheer joy on the Doctor’s face when he delivers this line is another great reason why I love this earlier story in the “new” Who.

Not everyone lives, the Doctor sacrificed his entire race to stop the Last Great Time War (he believed that he did… spoilers) and it left him changed forever.

But for this particular story, the Doctor can witness everyone returned to normal – surviving and living. And he danced!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

B is for “Bad wolf”


“Bad wolf” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

The message of “bad wolf” permeates the first series of the “new” Who, haunting the Doctor and his companion Rose. However, the phrase haunts the Doctor even longer than his ninth incarnation.


Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

“Bad wolf” is not only a message written across time and space for the Doctor and Rose Tyler, the wolf is Rose.

After looking into the heart of the Tardis, the time vortex itself filled Rose Tyler to become the entity known as “bad wolf.”

The message is referenced several times through the first series, but “bad wolf” is seen long after Rose and the Doctor part ways.


Why you following me, wolfie?

All of Torchwood’s records on file on the Doctor’s companions were destroyed or corrupted by a computer virus known as the “bad wolf.”

The words “bad wolf” were whispered to Donna Noble.

Even when the Doctor and Rose said goodbye for what was seemingly the last time – they said goodbye on a beach in Norway called “Bad Wolf Bay.”

The “bad wolf” was even present for the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” The Moment took the form of Rose Tyler as the “bad wolf” entity when speaking to the War Doctor.


Are you afraid, Doctor?

“Bad wolf” is almost synonymous with Rose Tyler, but it isn’t Rose. The “bad wolf” is something else, something akin to a message of danger, of warning to the Doctor.

When the Doctor hears or sees the message of “bad wolf” – he stands and fights, he protects the Earth as he always does but with a bit more gusto.


“I create myself.”

“Bad wolf” is a favorite of mine because it began at the beginning of the “new” Who, which equals the ninth Doctor.

And the ninth Doctor is my Doctor – he was the first Doctor to dance across my screen, but you’ll hear more about that a bit later.

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