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“Run for your life.”

Hello sweetie, I did it! I made it through another A to Z Challenge – I was worried about it when it came to the actual blogging, but I sometimes wrote in advance and maneuvered around my work schedule.

For those who haven’t been stopping by this past month at my nerdy lil corner of the internet, I decided to stitch some quotes from Doctor Who, specifically fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

Unlike last year, I only stitched a single alphabet for the challenge. It was extremely intense last year being my first attempt and I decided to be a bit less ambitious with the stitching for this second participation.


“Sorry, that’s The Lion King…”

Sharing each quote to represent the letter of the day, I not only stitched the corresponding words – I shared some of my personal thoughts and knowledge about the character who spoke it and the episode when it was mentioned.

While I shared my thoughts and stitching, I was rewatching Doctor Who for the umpteenth time, and I actually started watching the new episodes that premiered this April.

If you haven’t read through the challenge posts, then you may not know the facts about my interest in Doctor Who – so here are the basics:

  • Nine is my Doctor! Never start a marathon without watching the first series of the “new” Who. It’s fantastic!
  • Martha Jones is my favorite companion of Ten! She was not a “rebound” companion; she stood fierce and strong and walked the Earth to spread the word, the idea of the Doctor.
  • River Song grew on me like a fungus, but not! I didn’t particularly care for her in the beginning, but learning the truth about her made me love the sassy know-it-all!
  • Captain Jack Harkness and Torchwood are the main reasons behind me even watching the Doctor! I was really interested in the spin-off, which caused me to start watching the series… and I never looked back.
  • The Ponds are the best power couple! The last centurion and the girl who waited are simply amazing together – and I admit wholeheartedly that I cried when they left, but they chose each other. And I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry, but one couldn’t stay with the Doctor without the other.
  • And… are you my mummy?

“Am I people? Do I even look like people?”

Spoilers! I am going to miss Peter Capaldi’s Doctor so much – I loved him from the beginning, but I’ve been a fan of his since watching The Thick of It and his several cameos in Doctor Who and Torchwood.

However, I am open for the next regeneration – I’m always ready for the next Doctor as long as the series continues to RUN!

For me, this challenge had different difficulties compared to last year’s SUPER challenge.


“Oh, the pointing again! They’re screwdrivers! What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?”

I will be completely honest – I waited til the last minute to decide to even participate in this year’s challenge.

I had so many ideas for the challenge after last year’s intense yet fun filled month of superheroes, but I simply put everything on the back burner.

I had no problem stitching the actual alphabet, which I finished before the month was half way through. It was the process of essentially rewatching specific episodes to edit screenshots that took a good chunk of time.

I also took the time to write posts in advance when given the opportunity to work around my third-shift schedule. It was certainly less intense compared to last year, but the challenge always has its moments of suspense when it comes to time management.


“Laser screwdriver. Who’d have sonic?”

Again, I made the mistake of waiting too long to decide whether or not to participate – I had so many possible topics last year, and I’ve had so many more ideas since participating in this year’s challenge.

I’ll definitely be taking another hiatus from the blog, but I was only gone for a year (give or take a few weeks) so that’s a plus! Don’t blink!

Through the challenge, I met some amazing bloggers. I checked out far more blogs than last year, which was something of an achievement for me – I’ve definitely added some more blogs to my reader!


“I don’t care!”

Will I do the challenge next year? I’m not sure.

Not that I don’t love the challenge because it really brings out the hardcore fangirl crafter from within, but after last year’s first experience I simply put my ideas on the subject of the challenge in the back of my mind. Who’s to say that I don’t turn around and do the exact same thing this year? Not that this challenge was poorly executed or unfinished, but I had such enthusiasm and passion that was diverted to other projects throughout the year.

So… unlike last year there is no concrete decision on next year’s challenge, but I will say that it will be in my thoughts, swimming in my brain waiting to strike when inspiration arises.

Come along, Nerdy Girl!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

S is for “i’m so so Sorry


“i’m so so Sorry” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

Ten was very apologetic, especially when something seemingly impossible to stop occurred.

He apologized because he believed that he could do nothing.


You’re so sorry, Doctor

Sometimes that was just the case, and other times he would rally and find a way to save the day.

Usually the Doctor apologizing meant something bad had happened or was about to happen – something unavoidable, something unthinkable.

The Doctor also apologized when those unmentionable acts were his own – unable to keep promises, doing harm to those people who could not be saved, and unable to do anything to help.

Ten even used the word “sorry” as an exclamation of sorts throughout his journey (or rather his song).

There’s actual a meme out there with an image of Ten with the words, “I’m not always sorry, but when I am, I’m so so sorry.” I couldn’t help but snort at that one!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

N is for “new new new new new new new new new New york”


“new new new new new new new new new New york” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is an actual destination of the Doctor. It is the fifteenth New York on New Earth, a planet colonized by the New Earth Empire. It even has apple-grass!


How many is that?

The Doctor took Rose to New New York for their first trip together after his regeneration.

They were summoned to the New New York Hospital by the Face of Boe, who is dying of old age.

He has a dying message that he will only give to a wanderer without a home, which describes the Doctor.

We not only see the familiar Face of Boe; we see Lady Cassandra once again. Both of these characters were last seen in “The End of the World” with Nine.


The message… brb

However, the Face of Boe is no longer dying by the end of the story.

The Doctor asks the Face about his message, but he is told that the message can wait for their third and final meeting.

Then like a boss, the Face teleports away.

We travel to New New York again with Martha Jones, but I’m going to hold off talking about the awesomeness that is Martha Jones in that particular episode until another letter.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

L is for “we’re in a Library! books! best weapons in the world”


“we’re in a Library! books! best weapons in the world” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This quote is from the episode “Tooth and Claw” from the second series. To me, this quote is similar to the words “knowledge is power.”


Werewolves of London

This episode includes a “werewolf,” which is by far my favorite supernatural creature from lore.

Full moon and everything, the “werewolf” is actually an alien species that survived by passing its lycanthropic form from human to human.

This episode also has the best running gag. Rose and the Doctor encounter Queen Victoria, and Rose tries throughout the episode to trick the Queen into uttering the famous phrase “We are not amused.”


Books = Weapons

This episode also mentions the Torchwood Institute, which is the title of the spin-off series with Captain Jack Harkness.

Torchwood is referenced from series 1, episode 11 to the end of series 2.

The events of this episode actually occur in the Torchwood Estate, which was designed as a trap for the “werewolf.” Queen Victoria creates the Torchwood Institute in that very estate to help defend Britain from further alien attacks (including the Doctor).


You gonna take these, Doctor?

The line about books being weapons resonates with me – books contain knowledge, untold worlds, and endless possibilities.

Weapons against adversaries, and weapons against mental atrophy.

Books are powerful tools, and this quote is one of my favorite letters in this stitching alphabet.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

K is for “K-9


“K-9” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

K-9 was introduced in “new” Who in the second series in “School Reunion.” K9 is the designation given to a series of intelligent, dog-like robots who served as companions.


He’s so disco

The specific K-9 referenced in this post is K-9 Mark III – a third model that was shipped to Sarah Jane Smith at her “current” residence during her companionship with the Third and Fourth Doctors.

In “School Reunion,” K-9 was reactivated by the tenth Doctor when Sarah Jane meets the Doctor once again while investigating the same school. However, the robot canine battled the Krillitanes, blowing himself up to defeat them.

Initially, K-9 was sent to Sarah Jane for a spin-off titled K9 and Company, but the BBC chose not to produce a new series. However, the pilot was aired as a holiday season special.

“School Reunion” really connected the “classic” and the “new” Who for me as a viewer – bringing back such a fan-favorite companion and reintroducing the robot dog to the new travelers with the Doctor.

I love the interaction between Rose and Sarah Jane in this episode – arguing while referencing past adventures, including the Loch-Ness Monster and the Dalek Emperor.

Rose never even heard of Sarah Jane before meeting her, and Sarah Jane can’t help but mention Rose’s age. However, the two companions find common ground while describing the Doctor and his love affair with the Tardis.


It’s like looking in a mirror

Another great moment in “School Reunion” is Mickey Smith realizing he’s the equivalent to the “tin dog” because of his secondary nature as a companion.

That realization inspires Mickey to travel with the Doctor rather than to continue acting as tech support for the Doctor when he saves the Earth in the present.

The episode ends with K-9 being rebuilt as K-9 Mark IV for a heartbroken Sarah Jane. Inevitably, Sarah Jane and K-9 decide to deal with the growing alien conundrum in The Sarah Jane Adventures, another spin-off series of Doctor Who.


Good boy!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

J is for “not bad for a man in his Jim-Jams


“not bad for a man in his Jim-Jams” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This line is from the first full-episode appearance of the tenth incarnation of the Doctor. The episode “The Christmas Invasion” was also the first specifically produced Doctor Who Christmas special in the program’s history.


Sleepy time

Funnily enough, the Doctor is unconscious through the majority of the episode.

He wakes up periodically to save Rose, Mickey, and Jackie.

And he is revived just in time to defend the Earth once more – but as the line mentions he does that in his “jim-jams.”

Rose’s reaction to the Doctor’s regeneration is so real to me. For any fan that began with the “new” Who, this was our first regeneration and her reaction is similar to several fans’ reactions to this and other regeneration.

It’s a lottery. We don’t know who this Doctor is, and he fundamentally stays the same yet he’s never the same – physically, mentally, behaviorally. We could love him or hate him – this “new” Doctor who we’re meeting for the first time.

I usually approach every regeneration with an open mind – the Doctor changes and that simple fact will never change. I really believe that regeneration is why Doctor Who has lasted over decades compared to other science-fiction television shows.

Bringing “new” blood every few years, Doctor Who changes Doctors and companions for the longevity of the show. And it really causes the show to evolve over time (and space).


Told ya it was a fightin’ hand!

But let’s return to the events of “The Christmas Invasion” and the Doctor’s “jim-jams.”

He actually performs a duel in his pajamas, which is funny and swashbuckling.

The tenth incarnation is definitely a man with a bit of a hero complex, but his first romp in saving the Earth is performed with style.

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