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“Run for your life.”

Hello sweetie, I did it! I made it through another A to Z Challenge – I was worried about it when it came to the actual blogging, but I sometimes wrote in advance and maneuvered around my work schedule.

For those who haven’t been stopping by this past month at my nerdy lil corner of the internet, I decided to stitch some quotes from Doctor Who, specifically fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

Unlike last year, I only stitched a single alphabet for the challenge. It was extremely intense last year being my first attempt and I decided to be a bit less ambitious with the stitching for this second participation.


“Sorry, that’s The Lion King…”

Sharing each quote to represent the letter of the day, I not only stitched the corresponding words – I shared some of my personal thoughts and knowledge about the character who spoke it and the episode when it was mentioned.

While I shared my thoughts and stitching, I was rewatching Doctor Who for the umpteenth time, and I actually started watching the new episodes that premiered this April.

If you haven’t read through the challenge posts, then you may not know the facts about my interest in Doctor Who – so here are the basics:

  • Nine is my Doctor! Never start a marathon without watching the first series of the “new” Who. It’s fantastic!
  • Martha Jones is my favorite companion of Ten! She was not a “rebound” companion; she stood fierce and strong and walked the Earth to spread the word, the idea of the Doctor.
  • River Song grew on me like a fungus, but not! I didn’t particularly care for her in the beginning, but learning the truth about her made me love the sassy know-it-all!
  • Captain Jack Harkness and Torchwood are the main reasons behind me even watching the Doctor! I was really interested in the spin-off, which caused me to start watching the series… and I never looked back.
  • The Ponds are the best power couple! The last centurion and the girl who waited are simply amazing together – and I admit wholeheartedly that I cried when they left, but they chose each other. And I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry, but one couldn’t stay with the Doctor without the other.
  • And… are you my mummy?

“Am I people? Do I even look like people?”

Spoilers! I am going to miss Peter Capaldi’s Doctor so much – I loved him from the beginning, but I’ve been a fan of his since watching The Thick of It and his several cameos in Doctor Who and Torchwood.

However, I am open for the next regeneration – I’m always ready for the next Doctor as long as the series continues to RUN!

For me, this challenge had different difficulties compared to last year’s SUPER challenge.


“Oh, the pointing again! They’re screwdrivers! What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?”

I will be completely honest – I waited til the last minute to decide to even participate in this year’s challenge.

I had so many ideas for the challenge after last year’s intense yet fun filled month of superheroes, but I simply put everything on the back burner.

I had no problem stitching the actual alphabet, which I finished before the month was half way through. It was the process of essentially rewatching specific episodes to edit screenshots that took a good chunk of time.

I also took the time to write posts in advance when given the opportunity to work around my third-shift schedule. It was certainly less intense compared to last year, but the challenge always has its moments of suspense when it comes to time management.


“Laser screwdriver. Who’d have sonic?”

Again, I made the mistake of waiting too long to decide whether or not to participate – I had so many possible topics last year, and I’ve had so many more ideas since participating in this year’s challenge.

I’ll definitely be taking another hiatus from the blog, but I was only gone for a year (give or take a few weeks) so that’s a plus! Don’t blink!

Through the challenge, I met some amazing bloggers. I checked out far more blogs than last year, which was something of an achievement for me – I’ve definitely added some more blogs to my reader!


“I don’t care!”

Will I do the challenge next year? I’m not sure.

Not that I don’t love the challenge because it really brings out the hardcore fangirl crafter from within, but after last year’s first experience I simply put my ideas on the subject of the challenge in the back of my mind. Who’s to say that I don’t turn around and do the exact same thing this year? Not that this challenge was poorly executed or unfinished, but I had such enthusiasm and passion that was diverted to other projects throughout the year.

So… unlike last year there is no concrete decision on next year’s challenge, but I will say that it will be in my thoughts, swimming in my brain waiting to strike when inspiration arises.

Come along, Nerdy Girl!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

Y is for “You are not alone”


“You are not alone” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This is the message from the Face of Boe. These were his final words to the tenth Doctor before his death.

This quote is from the episode “Gridlock” where the Doctor takes Martha Jones to New Earth.


Sonic in the face!

What I love about this episode (other than the big reveal of the Face’s words) is that Martha really confronts the Doctor for the first time.

She’d met him (her first adventure) and the two had traveled to the past and met William Shakespeare (her second adventure), and she’d heard his comments about Rose, but she hadn’t said anything.

She won’t be a “rebound companion,” which is what I feel she’s usually thought of by those who really loved Rose and hated to see her go. She’s her own person, and she won’t have the Doctor take her on “recycled” trips through time and space to relive his “glory” days with Rose.


Possible kidnapping needs to be the #1 warning to becoming a companion

Yes, Martha finds the Doctor attractive (and come on, mixed signals with the kiss when dealing with the Judoon), but she really wants to know him – his story and his motivations.

She actually refuses to move until the Doctor tells her the truth – what the Face of Boe meant by his seemingly cryptic words.


He’s dying…

Later, these words are referenced when Martha and the Doctor travel to the end of the universe in an attempt throw Captain Jack Harkness.

The Doctor and his companions meet Professor Yana – Yana as in an acronym for “you are not alone.” Professor Yana is actually the Master, who used the same technology (a watch) to contain his Time Lord essence and memories rendering him seemingly human.

This quote ends up being ultimately bittersweet for the Doctor because it is the Master, his oldest friend and enemy, who is the only other Time Lord to have survived the Great Time War.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

W is for “wibbley Wobbley timey wimey”


“wibbley Wobbley timey wimey” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This line is another quote from the fabulous episode “Blink.” The Doctor is describing time to Sally Sparrow as he communicates through movies that she owns.


Time – it’s a big ball of stuff

These words are actually describing stuff or what time is made of. It’s a really great part of the dialogue that is directed at the non-companion Sally Sparrow.

I cannot keep from talking about this particular episode – it is just that good! And we Whovians always mention it when speaking to non-Who fans that are thinking of joining the ranks of this particular fandom.

The phrase “timey wimey” is mentioned in the 50th anniversary special, which sets the war doctor off on another lecture about his impending mid-life crisis – Time Lord style.


They’re sonic screwdrivers… for God’s sake!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

V is for “Vote saxon”


“Vote saxon” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This quote was seen in the background throughout the third series much like the first series’ big “bad wolf.” Subtly appearing whenever the Doctor and Martha Jones were adventuring in “present” time, this phrase was seemingly meaningless until the penultimate episode of the season.


That was a rough ride

Now, I could go into the nitty-gritty of this particular storyline, but then what would I write about when it comes to the grand phrase for one of the upcoming letters.

Awww to hell with it, anyone reading these lovely letters for the month most likely already know! And if you don’t, then – spoilers!

The quote is from the episode “The Sound of the Drums,” which begins immediately after the previous episode “Utopia.” In that previous episode, we were reintroduced to one of the Doctor’s friend and opponent the Master during an adventure to the end of the universe.


Angry face

This marked the first re-appearance of the Master since the 1996 TV movie.

Saxon is the alias that the Master took after disappearing with the Tardis from the end of the universe.

He fabricated a past as Harold Saxon to gain political support, dealing with the setback of only being able to travel to the 2000s by the Doctor’s last-minute interference when stealing the Tardis.

The Master targets not only the Doctor, but his companion Martha and her family. I always loved Martha’s fierce protectiveness and dedication to her family, lashing out at the Doctor when the Master manipulates and kidnaps her father, mother, and sister.


I will turn this car around!

Again, I have to reiterate how much I love Martha Jones!

She gets a lot of criticism not only from fans, but from the Doctor himself.

Rose was a fan-favorite at the time and the Doctor was separated from Rose unintentionally and unwillingly.

Ten compares the two ladies throughout Martha’s run as his companion, and she stands as her own person fierce and determined.

She’s an intelligent, quick-thinking woman who is becoming a doctor. She makes certain that the Doctor hears her, and she has the strength to stand alone against impossible odds.


I’ll be back!

“The Sound of Drums” ends with the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness, who had tracked down the Doctor with his amputated hand from “The Christmas Invasion,” defeated and captured by the Master.

Martha escapes from the Master’s clutches, but at the cost of her family’s safety and the Doctor’s help. She begins her mission to spread the word of the Doctor in the year that never was.

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

I is for “it’s bigger on the Inside


“it’s bigger on the Inside” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

When you mention the Tardis, there is one phrase that best describes it just as well as its acronym title breakdown – “it’s bigger on the inside.”


Well, this is unexpectedly delightful

There have been variations of the phrase being both a surprised utterance from companions and a spot-on explanation from the Doctor.

However, the companion Clara flips the switch by uttering “it’s smaller on the outside” when seeing the Tardis for the first time. The Doctor had expected her to utter the well-used phrase stitched above.


Is it? I hadn’t noticed

I especially love when Martha Jones says this particular line because the Doctor mouths the words behind her as she says them.

It makes me smile every time I see it on screen.

Martha Jones is by far my favorite companion of the tenth incarnation, who is usually overshadowed by Rose. And I’ll have more opportunities to discuss Martha Jones later in this alphabet!

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

D is for “Don’t blink”


“Don’t blink” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

Blink and you’re dead! Another letter related to the Weeping Angels. I love these cruel yet considerate aliens that kill you kindly, taking you away from the present and dropping you off in the past.


Can I blink now? NO!

“Blink” truly is an amazing episode of Doctor Who, bringing you everything that makes the series wonderful.

Not only that but it features a journey essentially without the Doctor, which showcases the amazing non-companion Sally Sparrow.

I could say more about this awesome episode, but there’s another letter for it in this particular alphabet that I’m stitching. So I shall leave you with this lovely exchange, which is referenced more times than not when discussing Doctor Who. Just remember “don’t blink!”

A to Z Challenge – Doctor Who cross stitch

A is for “Angels have the phonebox”


“Angels have the phonebox” is from fangirl stitches’ doctor who themed alphabet quotes.

This quote is one of the more well known lines from the series – not including recurring phrases used by specific incarnations of the doctor.

Not only is the phrase popular, but it has been parodied a hundred times over with other fandoms. I’m pretty sure there’s another cross stitch pattern over at fangirl stitches that has the minions from Despicable Me taking possession of the Tardis – another project on the ever-growing list of stitching.


I hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in

The quote comes from the phenomenal episode “Blink” from the third series of the “new” Who.

It is probably the top recommended episode for anyone interested in starting the series.

It’s one of the few episodes that is stand alone and that has no in-depth references to a larger story arc – which makes it perfect for any newbie wanting to see what is so great about Doctor Who.

The Weeping Angels also happen to be one of my favorite Who aliens, second probably to the infamous Daleks. The notion that every statue in the world – in the universe – could be a Weeping Angel waiting for you to turn your eyes away is quite terrifying.


We has the phonebox

According to the Doctor, “no one really knows where they come from” and the Weeping Angels could be as old as the universe itself.

The coolest thing about the Weeping Angels is that even though they are considered the deadliest, most powerful, most malicious beings ever – they never kill their prey.

With a single touch, a Weeping Angel simply sends a person back in time to before he/she was born and feeds off the “potential energy” of the years that he/she would have lived in the present. You’re not directly killed by the Weeping Angels, but you are taken from everything and everyone you have ever known to live out your days out of “your” time – it’s really quite terrifying to even comprehend.


I dare you to blink

And the “angels have the phonebox!”

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