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A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

Y is for Yellowjacket


Yellowjacket is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

The moniker of Yellowjacket is used by several characters in the Marvel universe.

Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym is the first to take on the codename Yellowjacket, and he’s also been known as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, and Goliath.

Rita DeMara is the second Yellowjacket, debuting as a supervillain and later becoming a superhero.

Recently, Yellowjacket was introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe with this iteration of the moniker being the film’s antagonist, Darren Cross, a protege of Hank Pym.

I will admit that my only real exposure to Yellowjacket is the recent Marvel movie Ant-Man, which I loved! It was interesting to learn that it was a title that has been used by several characters – superheroes and supervillains alike.

Yellowjacket made his animated debut in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when Hank Pym suffers from a personality disorder and turns into a new vigilante.


Y is for Yuriko/Lady Deathstrike


Yuriko/Lady Deathstrike is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

Lady Deathstrike is a supervillain in the Marvel universe – a foe of the X-Men, especially Wolverine.

I remember seeing her on the small screen of my living room as a kid, thinking that she was evil for sure, but such a badass!

She was transformed into a cyborg by Spiral and the “Body Shop” using alien technology of Mojo’s dimension. She has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility.

Deathstrike’s skeleton has been artificially laced with molecules of adamantium, rendering her skeletal structure practically unbreakable. Her fingers have been replaced by five 12-inch long adamantium claws replacing each finger of each hand.

She’s got Freddy Krueger beat hands down when it comes to having knives for fingers!

Lady Deathstrike appears in the two-part episode “Out of the Past” of the X-Men animated series.

Deathstrike makes an appearance as an antagonist in the “Hulk vs. Wolverine” segment of the animated film Hulk Versus.


A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

X is for Professor Xavier


Professor Xavier is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

To me, Professor X is a pillar of the mutant community – a calmness that belies such unending power. He’s seen things, done things – and his experience and life choices have made him a leader among mutants.

He’s not my all-time favorite of the X-Men, but he’s there – always striving to do what he believes is right. Like most people, even Professor Charles Xavier can make bad decisions for the right reasons.

Professor X is among the strongest and most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe. His telepathic abilities include mind reading, memory manipulation, mind control, astral projection, and offensive psychic attacks.

Xavier appears in the X-Men animated series. He appears as a regular cast member in the animated series X-Men: Evolution. Professor X appears in Wolverine and the X-Men.


X is for X-23


X-23 is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

She is a female clone of Wolverine – gaining all his abilities, such as a healing factor and superhuman strength, senses, speed, agility, and reflexes.

She also has retractable adamantium-laced bone claws in her hands and feet. Recently, X-23 (Laura Kinney) succeeded her “father” in adopting the mantle of Wolverine.

X-23 was created to be a perfect killing machine – working as a capable assassin for years.

Personally, I’ve only ever seen X-23 on her brief appearances in animation. I haven’t really got a feel for her personality, but she is more than just a clone of Wolverine – she’s her own person.

She was created for a specific purpose, but she makes her own fate.

X-23 appears in the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution and the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men.

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

N is for Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

He’s another member of the X-Men. Nightcrawler is a teleporter with superhuman agility and adhesive hands and feet.

His physical mutations include indigo-colored skin, two-toed feet and three-fingered hands, yellow eyes, pointed ears, and a prehensile tail.

I’ve always liked Nightcrawler. He’s happy-go-lucky, and he’s a prankster. He’s fun loving and fancy free.

Nightcrawer fancies himself a swashbuckler, always charming and gallant. He’s a jokester, and he is an extremely religious man.

Nightcrawler appears in the 1992 X-Men animated series. He is one of the main characters in 2000 animated TV show X-Men: Evolution. He is a recurring character in the 1009 animated series Wolverine and the X-Men.

A young Nightcrawler will appear in the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse.


N is for Night Girl


Night Girl is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

I knew nothing about Night Girl before I began stitching her. Was she Marvel? Was she DC?

She’s from the 30th century of the DC universe. Night Girl is a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and of the most recent incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Night Girl (Lydda Jath) is a native to a world which is in perpetual darkness, heated by an internal power source.

She has super strength, given to her by her scientist father, but only at night or in deep shadow.

Night Girl appeared (non-speaking) in two episodes of the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, “Lightning Storm” and “The Substitute.”

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

L is for Logan


Logan is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

It’s the Wolverine! Logan, born James Howlett, is another antihero that I love – his willingness to use deadly force and his brooding nature became the standard characteristics for comic book antiheroes.

He’s a fan favorite of the X-Men franchise, and he’s been featured in his own solo comic.

He’s rough around the edges and tough as nails. He’s what I like to call a man’s man. He’s lived a long life, and he’s intelligent in both foreign languages and cultures from traveling throughout his long life.

Logan is frequently portrayed as a gruff loner, and he will sometimes lapse into a “berserker rage” while in combat.

Logan has always been a favorite of mine, being introduced to the character on the X-Men animated TV series. He’s brooding and sometimes harsh, but he has wisdom to share. He’s gruff, but he cares, mentoring some of the young mutants.

Logan appears in the animated series X-Men: Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. Logan makes cameo appearances on The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and Ultimate Spider-Man.

He also appears in a short film called Hulk vs. Wolverine from the animated double feature Hulk Versus.


L is for Lyra/She-Hulk


Lyra is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

I knew nothing about Lyra before stitching her. I knew of the original She-Hulk, but I didn’t know a thing about Lyra.

She’s from an alternate future of Marvel’s main timeline, and she’s the daughter of that reality’s Thundra and the 616 Hulk.

Interestingly enough, Lyra becomes weaker when she becomes angry. In a calm state, Lyra possesses vast superhuman strength as well as superhuman speed, agility, stamina, and durability.

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

J is for Jean Grey


Jean Grey is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

She’s always been one of my favorite X-Men, combining telekinetic and telepathic abilities in a single mutant – being an Omega-level mutant.

Jean Grey is kind and caring, but she has to deal with her exceptional level of power. She is also the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force.

I loved the adaptations of “The Phoenix Saga” and “The Dark Phoenix Saga” on the X-Men television series as a kid. Powerful and then malevolent, Jean Grey was another woman who intrigued me.

Jean Grey is a central character is the X-Men animated series and the animated TV series X-Men: Evolution. She appears in Wolverine and the X-Men.


J is for Jubilee


Jubilee is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

She’s another member of the X-Men, a teenage “mall rat” of the 90s. She was the youngest member, playing a sidekick role.

Her mutation allows her to generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands. I always saw her mutation as more of a parlor trick than anything powerful, seeing the fireworks shoot from her hands as a child.

However, Jubilee has the potential to blind a person with her “fireworks” or destroy property with a powerful detonation, or a precise burst inside a human brain, simulating the effects of a massive stroke. The strength of the energy she harnesses has far more range in power and intensity than I realized as a kid watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

Jubilee is a main character of the 1992 X-Men animated television series, but she only appears briefly in X-Men: Evolution as one of the New Mutants.

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

F is for Flash


Flash is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

The Flash has always been a great source of humor to me. He’s less serious than Batman, and he’s less boy scout than Superman. He’s a bit of joker. Every class needs a bit of a clown, and the Flash is that for the Justice League.


Keep up, if you can!

Again, my introduction to the Flash was animated, including Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.

He’s footloose and fancy free! The Flash in Superman: The Animated Series is never identified as Barry Allen. While the Flash of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited is eventually identified as Wally West, but he seems to be more of a fusion of Barry Allen and Wally West – his personality and appearance is more Wally while his origin story is more Barry.


Holy Flash Cubed, Batman!

The Flash appears in some incarnation in several animated series, such as The Batman (Flash), Teen Titans – “Lightspeed” (Kid Flash), Batman: The Brave and the Bold – “Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!” (Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wally West), and Young Justice (Kid Flash, main cast; Flash and Impulse, special guests).

He also appears in several of the direct-to-video animated films from DC, such as Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Justice League: Doom, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and Justice League: War (just to name a few of the many DC Universe animated original movies).


Huh?!? That many!!!

He’s a solid pillar of the Justice League, and some might even say he’s the “heart” of the Justice League. I know I love the Flash!

Recently, he has been portrayed by Grant Gustin in the CW’s The Flash, expanding the live-action television DC universe or Arrowverse. The Flash even appeared on an episode (“Worlds Finest”) of CBS’s Supergirl.


F is for Emma Frost


Emma Frost is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

Frost has always intrigued me because of her mutation: not her vast telepathic abilities, but her shapeshifting capability used to transform into a solid diamond.

No single telepath is the same when it comes to the X-Men, and Frost’s diamond form has always made me more intrigued by the White Queen (of the Hellfire Club) than other telepaths.

Frost appears in cameos in the X-Men animated series during “The Phoenix Saga” and “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” She makes her first major animated role in Wolverine and the X-Men, depicting her as an essential addition to the main cast and a member to the X-Men team.

I cannot wait for my DVD copy of Wolverine and the X-Men to arrive – not only will I catch some images of Dust, but I’ll be able to see more Frost!

A to Z Challenge – SUPER cross stitch

D is for Deadpool


Deadpool is from weelittlestitches’ superhero alphabet sampler.

It’s the merc with the mouth! Deadpool is associated with the X-Men, introduced first as a supervillain, but later evolved into another antihero.

Breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool is known for his talkative nature – hence the nickname.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know about the film Deadpool that premiered in theaters this past February. I could not stop laughing, and I could not stop smirking at my fellow moviegoers. So many older fans of the merc!

He made several non-voiced cameo appearances in the X-Men animated series, and Deadpool appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series.

Deadpool appears in the animated film Hulk vs Wolverine, frequently annoying his teammates with his wisecracks.

Deadpool is another antihero that I love – I’m just a fan of the antihero!


D is for Dust


Dust is from fangirl stitches’ girl power superhero comic book alphabet.

Another character that I knew nothing about until I started stitching her, Dust usually appears in X-Men related comic books.

Sooraya Qadir a.k.a. Dust is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust and control that form.

Dust appears in the single season run of the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series, which I have yet to see – but I have ordered it, and it should be on its way. She first appears as a captive of the Mutant Response Division, freed by Wolverine.

What I found most interesting about Dust is that she is considered a rare example of a Muslim comic book character portrayed in a a positive light. She was preceded in the X-Men realm by M, a Muslim woman of North African descent, and in the Marvel universe by Ms. Marvel, a 16-year-old Muslim girl from New Jersey.

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